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Craig McCord Photography

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Return to the Cradle

Years ago, in the mid 70's, I began my journey in photography.  It all started with a Petri 35mm SLR that I purchased from a friend while serving in the Air Force.  One of the on-base hobby shops was a fully equipped darkroom for developing and printing black and while film.  I knew very little about the technical aspects of photography at the time.  However, I quickly realized the first time I saw the magic of the image slowly emerging in the developer that I was hooked.  I would later go on to work with medium format and 4x5 large format mediums, spending hours on weekends in my basement darkroom.  It may seem strange but I always loved the unique smell of the darkroom, of the developer and fixer chemicals associated with the time spent during hours of pursuit of a beautiful black and white print.      


As years past, I drifted away from my black and white roots.  Color seemed to become more popular to many and even more so after the advent of the digital format era.  Most recently I have made the decision to return to working principally in black and white. returning to the cradle in a way.  I realized that I get the most personal satisfaction in seeing and feeling an actual physical black and white print.  This medium seems to have a timeless aspect that color lacks, at least for me.  This drives my desire to move forward with renewed passion to create new works. I invite you to come with me on my journey and visit my website often.

Coquille River Light House, Bandon, Oregon.
I offer several workshops over the year at various locations.  While past focus has not been specifically on black and white photography, future workshops will contain a segment to include monochrome exercises, both in the field and post processing.
Beech Tree in Autumn.
Teton Aspen Trunks
Fine Art Prints
Limited edition fine art prints are available