Spring at Overland Park Arboretum - Craig McCord Photography

Flower and Macro Photography at Overland Park Arboretum

April 19, 2019

Join Craig McCord and Lensbaby representative and Visual Wilderness Team contributor, Jane Palmer for the fabulous hands on workshop at the beautiful Overland Park, Kansas Arboretum.  This workshop will be an intensive full-day classroom and field workshop with the objective of improving your macro photography skills and coming home with some beautiful macro images you can be proud of showing off.

During this workshop Craig and Jane will guide you in exploring special techniques for creating compelling close-up macro images.  Prior to putting creative eyes to work along the various trails and walkways of the this beautiful botanical garden location, you will be instructed on various macro techniques to help you come away with memorable images and heightened skills.

Along with class instruction Craig and Jane will provide individual assistance while in the field to help reinforce the classroom instruction and help you create the images you can be proud of.

Recommended Items:

     *Camera , dSLR recommended

     * Memory Card

     * Telephoto Lens (100mm+) (optional)

     *Lensbaby (optional)


     *Macro Lens (recommended)

     *Macro Filter (optional)

     *Extension Tube (optional)

     *Umbrella (for deflecting wind – preferably white photography umbrella) (optional)

     *Pen and Paper for note taking

In addition to co-instructing, as a representative of Lensbaby lenses, Jane Palmer will provide an overview and demonstration of how to make use of these creative lenses in your macro photography.  Included in your workshop fee will be an eBook, authored by Jane Palmer on macro photography.  Don't miss this great opportunity.

Fee:  $195.   Workshop fee includes any access fees for the Arboretum.  It does not include any travel to/from the workshop.  Payment may be made using the PayPal button on this page.  If you prefer to pay by check, mail to: Craig McCord Photography, 395 NW 1851st Rd, Kingsville, MO  64061.

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