Craig McCord Photography Workshop Testimonials

“Well ahead of our experience, Craig had made all the arrangements and carefully selected incredible locations for composing our shots. In addition, he planned alternate sites in the event that they might be warranted. In his planning of this workshop, Craig allowed plenty of time for shooting at each site and provided quick, efficient transitions when moving to the next site."

"Most importantly, Craig provided quality feedback and suggestions for composition including specific technical techniques to enhance our photos. The workshop was peppered with Craig’s editing suggestions and critique of our work. Craig’s feedback was timely, specific and applicable to making immediate improvement."

"This workshop improved my photography skills and techniques with the outcome being photos I am proud to share. Craig showed me that photography is a balance between technical knowledge and artistic application. As a result, my work with photography is more gratifying.”

        ~ Frank C., Kansas

"Craig, I was thrilled with the workshop. It was a great opportunity for me to continue to learn and I am grateful for that. I have made myself available for the Flint Hills Workshop you are planning."

          ~Drayton R., Missouri"

"Thank you, Craig! And thanks for showing us all such cool spots in the Sierras."

          ~ Tim T.   California

"I enjoyed the Teton workshop; I learned a lot of practical things about landscape photography. Planning ahead and managing camera gear are key to success, these are areas that I can improve on.""

The workshop was well organized but flexible. We got to the sites with time to set up and were there at the best time to get the best images possible. I learned how to use neutral density filters so that I can get the best image in the camera. I like spending less time post processing. I liked the amount of time we spent in the field, travel and setup time and being at the sites all worked out well. The accommodations could not have been better."

           ~ Ralph B. St. Louis

"The Ozark Spring workshop you provided was excellent. Because of your planning I had a great time and I learned so much. The opportunities you provided us of interesting sites along with the activities specific to each created seamless transitions for us as we gained both information and skill. Plenty of time was provided at each site to take photographs. The one-to-one attention you provided was invaluable as I began to develop a new photography related skill set. Because of your guidance and this experience, I have moved from a novice who only shot in the Program Mode to one who now looks forward to shooting in the Manual Mode. It was an easy transition to make with your direction and invaluable feedback. Thank you for your teaching and support. The entire workshop experience was a great learning experience for me. I look to future workshops with you."

          ~Frank C., Overland Park, MO

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